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✄ Girl Bodies ✄


“There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me.”


noxwaistplaid_red noxwaistplaid_teal noxwaistplaid_grey noxspiffystuff_white noxspiffystuff_blue noxspiffystuff_black  nox_sleevefadnox_dots-cc  nox_knitsweater nox_knitsweater-cream nox_nerdyhipsternox_simplehipster-cc noxjerseynonumber_seirinnoxjerseywnumber_seirin noxjersey_tooacademy noxjersey_kaijo noxdarktuxedo_black noxdarktuxedo_brown noxdarktuxedo_aloisjoker noxgirluniform_grey noxgirluniform_brown noxgirluniform_green noxoveralls_blue noxoveralls_red noxoveralls_green noxflufiness_beige noxflufiness_grey noxflufiness_turquoise noxcardigan_red noxcardigan_white noxcardigan_yellow


69 thoughts on “✄ Girl Bodies ✄

  1. Can you make the 1st, 2nd or 3rd body color changeable?
    I mean the ones with jackets. Anyway, I’ll be looking forward for the new bodies you’re making. Also, Awesome website!

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